Sriv TCH Pvt. Ltd., is a Consulting, Contracting/Out-sourcing, Product Development and Technology solution provider. The company was founded by Sriv in 2014 and has its office in Chennai, India. Created to deliver innovation and achievements with cost effective solutions, implement best practices and continuous improvement. Sriv TCH's "Value added solutions to deliver high performance by applying thought service philosophy relies on our expertise in end-to-end consulting, know-how of technology markets, deep understanding of emerging/current/legacy technologies and rich domain knowledge to help clients achieve "value-driven solutions" so they in turn can "Deliver" on "Consistently-Growing" values for their customers and all stakeholders.

Our Vision

Show and Prove to our customers that our ideas, services, solutions, Products and commitments will pave the path for them to further generate their business value, via our critical services.

Our Mission

To stay Committed to our customers in order to help them understand what we offer and execute on what we say.

Benefits of our proposed services